breast milk soap DIY - without mixing lye on your own

DIY breast milk soap without mixing lye – an easy recipe

I’m not like one of those moms who have plenty of breast milk supplies, but I have a friend who does. She had too much supply that she needed to donate it to me. (hooray!) However, when I got those breast milk from my friend in another city (yep, we actually live three hours apart from each other, and these supplies were shipped to me), we discovered that my little one is a picky eater. He doesn’t like anyone else’s breast milk besides his mom’s (I feel sweet but sad at the same time). Therefore, I have to somehow return bags of breast milk back to my friend in another format that will help keep the breast milk longer! (breast milk can be kept 3-4 days in the fridge, 3-6 months in the freezer), and that’s why here is this article – DIY breast milk without lye!

Not sure if you’ve done some research about making soap with lye, which can be dangerous because lye burns when mixed with breastmilk, so somehow to me it’s highly technical that I don’t want to try. As a person who wants to do things efficiently and easily, here’s an easy DIY recipe to make breast milk soap without mixing lye in on your own.*

You can purchase those melt and pour soap base from Amazon(I’ve listed what I bought down below, and they’re ORGANIC SOAP BASE, which makes me feel extra healthy!). The basic recipe is that you melt the soap (0.5lb) in a microwave at high the first 30 sec, and then 5-10 sec incremental until it’s all melted (careful not to have bubbles created when it gets too hot, the bubbles will not disappear and will make the soap look ugly). Once you’ve got it melted, mix in 1 cup of room temperature breast milk. Stir until it’s well mixed, and pour the liquid into any shape of containers that you wish to make your soap. (I’ve used empty plastic yogurt cups, but, if you want to get fancy, try these beautiful flower silicon containers). Put the cups/containers into your fridge and wait for a couple hours, and that’s it! You’ll have beautiful breast milk soaps that you can store and use.

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Now, if you want more variation, you can add in honey or oatmeal. Honey adds moisture and oatmeal make it look beautiful. Or, you can just purchase those pre-made organic soap base with honey or oatmeal, so you only need to melt the soap and add in the breast milk. In my pictures, I’ve had one soap added in coffee powder (for skin exfoliation), one soap added in white sugar and lavender (for skin exfoliation and smell), and others with oatmeal. I’ve also added in Vitamin E OilGrape Seed Oil, and some essential oil that I personally liked.

Here’s the organic melt and pour soap base I used: (you can see the finished breast milk soap I made in the pictures above)

Cocoa Butter – 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base – Our Earth’s Secrets

Honey – 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base – Our Earth’s Secrets

Oatmeal- 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base – Our Earth’s Secrets

Organic Clear Glycerin – 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base – Our Earth’s Secrets

*Note. I did my own research online by reading articles and this blog is my experience on making my breast milk soaps. I don’t have a chemistry background nor am a soapologist but just a mom who likes to share my experience with other moms.

Last but not least, I’ve started another section of this blog dedicated to baby food, so click here to read the first article – choosing baby food storage. 


14 thoughts on “DIY breast milk soap without mixing lye – an easy recipe

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Yes, I do put it in the fridge to keep it fresh for the ones I haven’t started using. Once I started using a soap, I just put it in the bathroom with where-ever I put my shampoo and stuff. I’ve used it like this for a couple months now and have no problem at all. I’d finish using the soap within a month actually, just my personal opinion, as there is no official regulation or doctor’s recommendations on how we want to handle our own breast milk soap. =)


  2. Thanks so much for this recipe! How many body bar soaps do u get from this recipe please? I’m in Canada and the 2lb soap base will cost me $25 from Amazon (your link) before the exchange rate even. So 2lb of soap plus 4 cups of breast milk I’m hoping makes a lot of soaps.;) also can I use frozen breast milk or is fresh better? Thanks so much! Ashley


    1. Hi Ashley I was just calculating per the recipe, 2lbs of soap base plus 4 cups of milk would yield 64 ounces or 4 pounds. I hope that helps.


  3. Hi Louise, I would treat it as a normal soap. personally I don’t bring soap for traveling as I am worried that it would get squeezed during the transit and stuff. However, it’s a personal choice. Hope you have fun during your trip. 🙂


  4. Hi it really depends on how strong of the scent you would like. I added my essential oil just a few drop each catch, however, I find the scent goes away pretty quickly. I guess you should try a few batch to see?


    1. Hi, again, I’m not a soapologist and I checked. You should probably stay with just a few drops to avoid skin irritation. For me, I stayed within the recommendation limit from the essential oil.


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