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I’m a mother of a NICU baby who was born at week 32. With a type A personality who likes to plan everything, the biggest lesson my son taught me is NOT to plan. When he was born at week 32, I was shocked and not ready. I still had baby registry unfinished and nursery not started…! I had to go on leave from my work right away when I thought I was only taking  a day off for a prenatal checkup. However, the doctor couldn’t stopped the contraction and I had to go into labor that day, wk 32 and 1 day.

Because of this, I had to drink all the baby-to-buy-list and breast feeding info from the fire hose. Because of this, I had to start using breast pump instead of breast feeding until he came out safe and sound from the NICU. My son is now 3 months old and healthy as an angel from heaven, so I’m using this website to share my thoughts about things to buy and reviews of breast pump and accessories.

These info are all from the experience as some of the info I couldn’t find online, so I hope these info can be helpful for any mother-to-be.