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Best baby food storage jars/containers

So, as your babies are transitioning to solids and table food, as a mom who is super cautious about the type of food that goes into my baby’s mouth, you can trust that I bought perhaps a million types of glasses and plastic jars bottles blah blah blah..anything you can think of, to store baby food. What I found and ended up sticking with, is these glass jars with flat covers, Sage Spoonfuls Glass Big Batch, 4 Ounce(Pack of 12) What’s nice about them? read on.

Glass jars are just a healthier way to store food in general. Glasses are also nice because they don’t bend or crack easily by cold or heat. Personally, I use glass jars to store food in the fridge/freezer, and once taking it out from the fridge/freezer, I use plastic containers (bowls, small jars, plates) for my baby to learn feeding himself (so he doesn’t end up breaking the glasses). I particularly love this jar because of its size, shape, and its flat cover. 4oz is good amount as babies can’t eat too much food in the beginning, and 4oz per type of solid is enough to be a day or two worth of food. This way the food can stay fresher in one container without the container be opened and reopened..etc. The jar also wide enough to easily fit any spoon or utensils. (see picture below). As to the flat cover, it comes with a rim around it (see picture below). Hence, these jars fit nicely on top of one another so you can stack them in the fridge or freezer. They also have measurements on the side in oz and ml, so you can measure the food easily and to learn how much you’re giving your kid. Lastly, they come with cute rounded white stickers that you can write the date and the type of food you’re storing.

As I mentioned I’ve tried other glass jars or options, this is what I ended up sticking with and ended up buying more to store our table food or soup sometimes. Without referring this, a couple of my friends from Canada actually asked me to purchase these for them. I didn’t notice how good these are until they asked me to write a blog. =) Anyways, this is just my mom tip of the day. =) Happy feeding!

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