breast pump review

Willow Smart Breast Pump – The first wearable smart breast pump – Hands Free

So I read this article today from TNW, there’s a smart breast pump now in the market, hands-free, of course. It’s called the Willow Smart Breast Pump. I guess the concept is great, but how effective is it in terms of managing breast milk volume and efficiency? It’s questionable.

The product claim that it’s hands-free and only comes with a few accessories. With it you don’t have to worry about anything, but to wear it. With my experience as the breast milk volume increase, how can this machine be solid enough to carry the weight of the milk, quiet enough to not make any  noise, yet still suck efficiently?

If this breast pump is well designed then obviously this would save all of our lives easier, so this would be an interesting product to keep an eye on. However, since it’s not yet available, I wouldn’t keep my hope up yet but to focus on taking care of my baby. =)



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