Breast Health

Tips to Prevent Mastitis

Mastitis can be painful. My friends who’s had it told me that it’s more painful than giving birth (oh my god, how awful that sounds). Luckily, I’ve been extra careful of taking care of myself with some tips my occupation therapist friend (mom of 2 boys) taught me. Below is a list of tips that I’d like to share with you, and may all hard working & loving mommies have a healthy breast feeding/pumping period of time. =)

#1. Pump/Breastfeed regularly. Don’t go over schedule and let your breast become hard too long. I have a friend mom who was pumping every 3 hours during day time, and 5 hours at night. One day after several months, she woke up in pain and had mastitis. So you ask what if I’ve start the process of weaning off from breast pumping/feeding? You have to do it gradually by extending the cycle time one bit at a time. I have another article about this in case you’re interested. Click here to go to it.

#2. Do a circle check after each breast pump/feed session. Every time after breast puming/feeding, do a circle check by gently pressing around your breast from outer to inward (outer meaning from your armpit area, or chest area moving into nipple area). Make sure there’s no hard spots and your breast is soft. Again, if you’re at the stage weaning off, you don’t have to empty the milk. All you need to do is to make sure that there’s no hard spots.

#3. Don’t be lazy, and make sure you do #1 and #2 every time throughout the entire duration no matter how long you plan to breast pump/feed your baby. My other mom friend was six month along and she got it then. You’d imagine that mastitis only happens when in the beginning or when you’re weaning off. WRONG. It can happen anytime, so make sure you do #1 and #2 all the time.

I hope this helps. =)

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