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Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump Review

Most comfortable, best on budget (cost), hospital grade, and efficient

As a person who cares a lot about comfort and efficiencies, I discovered
Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pumpfrom researching online. What it attracted me was the reviews it being the most comfortable electric double breast pump, the quality of it (it’s a hospital grade pump), and its price on I figured it wouldn’t hurt to buy one for trying since I care about comfort a lot, and it was relatively cheaper ($121.20 USD) than Medela Pump in Style ($186.54 and not a hospital grade pump) and Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump($199.90 before discount, $159.90 after discount). Most importantly, a lot cheaper than it’s comparable competing product, Medela Symphony Breast Pump, which is another hospital grade pump (~$2,000USD).

Since the delivery of my NICU baby, our insurance/hospital lend me the Medela Symphony for six months. I have a chance to compare the two products by actually trying them (I wouldn’t want to spend $2,000 on a pump even with all the great reviews about it!).
A little bit about Spectra Baby USA S2 (based on my research). It is a hospital grade pump in Korea designed to compete with other hospital grade pumps, such as Medela Symphony. Below are the pros and cons:
  • It’s very comfortable, not painful at all. It doesn’t suck but suckles, which is very similar to a real baby’s suck.
  • It produces the same breast milk volume/supply comparing to Medela Symphony within the same time duration. (lactation consultants recommend: 15-20 mins)
  • It can use all Medela’s parts if you buy a small connector (click here to see the connector info)
  • You can alter the sucking frequency (# of times/min) and the vacuum strength. (To me this is a very thoughtful design because it’s mimicking baby’s sucking. A baby may suck very fast with full strength at first but later on he/she may slow down a bit to rest. Medela Symphony doesn’t have the frequency option).
  • It has a night light feature, which allows you to pump in minimal lighting in the middle of the night (this helps me to fall back asleep sooner after pumping).
  • It’s a closed system, so it doesn’t have a backflow problem.
  • Its membrane is just one piece of soft material, allow easy cleaning.
  • It’s VERY light in weight that you can lift it with just one finger! great portability
  • You can choose to use it as a double OR single breast pump as it has this option
  • It has a very cute design, making breast pumping sessions enjoyable
  • It’s only $121.20 USD (This makes a lot of difference!)
  • The tube is easily stretched so it can fell off from the parts during pumping. However, the material can be easily cut, so you can just cut out the stretched part and keep using the rest instead.
  • The bottles that come with the package feel relatively cheap made. The nipple touches the cap when you close it.
  • It’s advertised as one of the quieter breast pumps, I actually finding it okay.

Overall I’d recommend this to my friends because it’s effectiveness, efficiency, and the price tag. If it produces the same breast milk volume, has so many thoughtful features, and is cheaper compared to most of the other breast pumps.

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